November 25, 2023

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  • My turkey chili is the perfect recipe for your leftovers, the crock pot does the hard work and prep takes just minutes
    on November 25, 2023 at 2:32 am

    IF your leftover Thanksgiving turkey is still taking up room in your fridge, one woman has the perfect solution. She demonstrated her favorite post-turkey day recipe and it only takes minutes to prep. A TikTok user showed her followers the perfect recipe for revamping their Thanksgiving turkey leftoversTikTok/ foodfourtwo In her video, the host of Food Four Two (@foodfourtwo) showed viewers how to revamp their leftovers. “Don’t let your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers go to waste with this white bean and turkey chili recipe,” she told her audience. “It’s the perfect recipe for the day after Thanksgiving because you can let the slow cooker do most of the work,” the TikToker explained. For her first step, she used two small yellow onions, four cloves of garlic, two pounds of turkey, and two red peppers. “Before dumping ingredients into the crockpot what you need to do is brown some onion, garlic, and turkey, and chop up some peppers,” she said. “Transfer the mixture from the pan into a slow cooker, and add red bell peppers and spices,” she said. For the spices, she used two tablespoons of chili powder, one tablespoon of smoked paprika, two teaspoons of cumin, one teaspoon of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of salt. She also added two to three cups of chicken broth, 28 ounces of crushed tomatoes, a quarter cup of tomato paste, and two bay leaves to the mixture. “Then it’s simple, let it cook for six to eight hours on low for four to five hours on high,” she said. For extra flavor, she recommended adding the Better Than Bouillon paste. “Within the last hour of cooking, mix in 14 ounces of white beans and cut up some avocado and cilantro for garnish,” she said. The food expert advised her followers to add any extra broth to create their desired consistency. She also suggested sprinkling cheddar cheese on top as a finishing touch. “Then grab your favorite rolls and enjoy,” she concluded. The TikToker demonstrated the low-effort recipe that involved the slow cooker doing most of the workTikTok/ foodfourtwo The food expert showed her followers the finished turkey chili, which she garnished with avocado and cilantroTikTok/ foodfourtwo

  • George Floyd killer cop Derek Chauvin ‘stabbed in prison and rushed to hospital’ as ‘life-saving measures performed’
    on November 25, 2023 at 2:28 am

    DEREK Chauvin, the former Minnesota police officer convicted of killing George Floyd, has reportedly been stabbed in jail. Chauvin, 47, was seriously injured in the incident, which took place at an Arizona federal prison on Friday. ReutersFormer Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was stabbed in prison on Friday[/caption] Federal Bureau of PrisonsChauvin was being held at a Tucson Federal Correctional Institution in Arizona when the incident occurred[/caption] FacebookChauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd (pictured) on May 25, 2020[/caption] An anonymous source confirmed that the ex-cop was rushed to the hospital soon afterward, per the Associated Press. They also noted that the attack was specifically at the Tucson Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), which has reportedly been suffering from severe staff shortages and lapses in security. No further details were revealed about the attack at this time. Even so, the Bureau of Prisons noted in a statement to the publication that an incarcerated person was assaulted at the medium-security jail around 12:30 pm on Friday. “Life-saving measures” were performed on the inmate, according to the bureau, and they were taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. The FBI was also notified of the stabbing, and the Bureau of Prisons noted that no employees were hurt while containing the situation. Visiting privileges at the Tucson FCI were also suspended for its 380 inmates after the incident. Chauvin was sent to the Tucson jail in August 2022 after being held behind bars at a Minnesota maximum security facility. A judge ruled during his conviction that Chauvin would serve simultaneous 21 and 22 and one half year sentences for violating Floyd’s civil rights and a second-degree murder charge in the case. Chauvin’s reported stabbing comes about one week after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the ex-cop’s appeal of his murder conviction, per CBS News. The 47-year-old also allegedly has plans to make a bid to overturn his federal guilty plea and claims new evidence collected from his altercation with Floyd proves he didn’t cause the Minnesota man’s death. Floyd, 46, died on May 25, 2020, after Chauvin apprehended him, put him on the ground on his stomach, and pressed his knee on his neck for nine and one-half minutes. The former officers involved in the altercation, including Chauvin, Tou Thao, Thomas Lane, and J. Alexander Kueng, suspected Floyd of using a counterfeit $20 bill at a convenience store. Lane, Kueng, and Thao were all sentenced to lesser prison time for their role in the death of Floyd, per CNN. Bystanders took a video of the ordeal, where Floyd could be heard saying “I can’t breathe” several times and pleading for his life. The incident sparked worldwide protests, some of which turned violent, and furthered a movement against police brutality and racism in the United States.

  • Marc Thorpe dead: Robot Wars creator who built models for Star Wars and Indiana Jones dies after battle with Parkinson’s
    on November 25, 2023 at 2:02 am

    THE founder of the popular competition series Robot Wars has died after a decades-long fight with Parkinson’s Disease. Marc Thorpe is remembered for his work building models for iconic films like Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Robot Wars creator Marc Thorpe has died after a decades-long battle with Parkinson’s Disease, his daughter announcedFacebook/Megan Feffer Mentorn Media ScotlandThorpe said building models for Indiana Jones and Star Wars inspired him to create the beloved competition program[/caption] YouTube/BBCRobotWarsUKThe Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson was the first host for the series[/caption] HandoutRobot Wars aired on BBC but attracted a US audience with events in California[/caption] His death was confirmed by his daughter Megan Feffer who opened up about Thorpe’s heartwrenching health battles in a Facebook post. She said the disease hindered her father’s ability to work on projects due to mild tremors, which was “particularly torturous for a fiercely independent artist like my dad.” “To say the last few months, and especially the last few weeks, were challenging for my dad would be an understatement, and I am grateful that he is finally at peace,” she wrote. But she went on to highlight Thorpe’s incredible career and successes, like creating the show Robot Wars. “He made many, many beautiful, weird, details and strange things,” she wrote. “And me… he helped make me. “May his memory be a blessing.” Robot Wars was a UK robot combat competition series that ran from 1998 to 2004 and then again from 2016 to 2018. It followed a series of amateur and professional designers who attempted to design a deadly bot that would be the last standing inside a WWE-style cage. The show was the brainchild of Thorpe, an artist and designer whose career took off when he started making fictional war machines in 1992. That year, he landed a job with the newfound business LucasToys – a division of LucasFilms that created figures and models based on George Lucas’ movies. While attempting to design a radio-controlled vacuum cleaner, Thorpe remembers wondering what it would be like if his inventions had to fight, he wrote on his website. It was at this moment that he had the idea for the program. The show aired on BBC and was beloved by those in the UK and elsewhere. Robot Wars also held events in the US in 1995 and 1997 which helped to grow an American audience. The show went through a slew of hosts, and was launched with top English presenter Jeremy Clarkson taking the helm. Thorpe remembers the first episode of filming fondly and said he was immediately impressed with the skills of the young people who showed up. “We all look back with nostalgia and amazement at that first event… it was charmed,” he wrote on his website. “I was very happy those days in spite of 16-hour days, seven days a week.” Facebook/Megan FefferThorpe remembered the first filming of Robot Wars with deep fondness[/caption]

  • I’m 5’10”, 210 lbs and a size 16, I found the perfect sports bras for a wide back and they eliminate any ‘lumpy’ bits
    on November 25, 2023 at 1:48 am

    A MIDSIZE woman has shared her favorite sports bras with her followers. She modeled her top three picks for her followers, including one style that smoothed out her back. TikTok/@michelleandandrewTikTok user Michelle showed her followers the wireless sports bras she recommends as someone with a wider back[/caption] TikTok/@michelleandandrewThe TikToker modeled her favorite finds from Forlest[/caption] In her video, Michelle (@michelleandandrew) threw her old sports bras in the trash as she introduced her latest finds from Forlest. She explained that once you try the brand you will never want to wear bras with wiring again. Before she tried on the bras, Michelle revealed that she weighs 210 pounds while standing at 5-foot-10. For her first look, the TikToker, who wears a size 16, recommended the $49 Chloe 2.0 Air Permeability Cooling Bra with a scalloped neckline. “This is the Chloe 2.0, it molds to my body, and it has a thick band,” she said. “It’s ribbed so it’s very breathable, it’s one of my favorites,” Michelle added. She also showed her followers the $52 Dahlia Breathable Back Appeal Bra. “This is the Dahlia and I love that it has a little bit of boning here, just a tiny bit to give you a little bit more support and it’s swear-wicking as well,” Michelle explained. “[It has a] very very wide at the back and it looks good under any shirt,” she said. For her final suggestion, she tried on the $52 Hannah 2.0 Enhanced W Support Adjustment Bra. “This is the Hannah 2.0 and it has a W-shaped support band,” she explained. “It eliminates any lumps and bumps and it’s supportive all day,” Michelle said “It’s light, it’s comfortable, and no underwiring,” she told her viewers. “Seriously, if you haven’t tried Forlest bras I don’t know what you’re waiting for,” Michelle concluded. The TikToker explained that the Dahlia style is perfect for wearing under style of shirtTikTok/@michelleandandrew Michelle showed her followers the smoothing effect of the sports bra on her backTikTok/@michelleandandrew

  • ‘Phenomenal’ restaurant named ‘best in Wales’ to close for good in weeks – but owners promise it’s not goodbye
    on November 25, 2023 at 1:47 am

    A “PHENOMENAL” restaurant named the “best in Wales” will close for good after just two years. Award-winning Rocket & Rye in Cowbridge, Wales, will close it’s doors before the end of the year. A restaurant named the ‘best in Wales” will close for good after just two years It was named the best restaurant in Wales in the Good Food guide. Rocket & Rye shared a statement announcing it’s closure to devastated fans. It read: “The time has come for us to move on from our little restaurant here in Cowbridge. “A lot of you will be sad, as are we, but timing is everything at the moment and we feel the time is right for us and our family to move on to new and very exciting opportunities that lie ahead. “We are super excited for what we have coming next (news coming soon!) & fully focused on the future positives… One of the exciting parts of this is what’s coming after us. “The lovely ladies at Fablas ice cream are taking over at number 30 in January and we honestly can’t wait to support it regularly… this isn’t goodbye, it’s more of a see all soon.” Rocket & Rye’s last day will be December 31. Devastated fans – who called the restaurant “phenomenal” rushed to Twitter to share their heartbreak. One wrote: “Oh I am GUTTED. Will be in to see you before you go.” Another said: “This is really sad news but I’m sure your next chapter will have some amazing things for us all to enjoy. “Will definitely be booking in for a final Rocket & Rye meal before the year is out.” “Awww noooo!! So sad but also excited to see what’s next. Definitely see you soon!” It comes after a branch of a popular family restaurant chain closed – sparking rumours a major franchise is set to take its place. The Doncaster location of Frankie and Benny’s shut its doors on Saturday after a staff member first broke the news on social media. A spokesman for The Restaurant Group, which sold off some of the brand’s franchises earlier this year, confirmed the closure. “We announced a review of our leisure estate in March and made the difficult decision to exit some of our sites,” he said in a statement. “We are working closely with our impacted teams and will look to redeploy colleagues to neighbouring sites across our wider estate wherever possible.” A staff member previously explained the shock news in a Facebook post. “I work as the kitchen manager at Frankie and Benny’s in Doncaster,” they wrote. “Food prices in the last 12 months have gone crazy – oil alone has gone up by 80 pence per litre and on average about 18 per cent across the board. “We close the doors for the last time on the 21 October – as it’s closing down.” Rumours are now swirling on social media that the Doncaster branch will be replaced by a Wagamama outlet – another TRG brand.

  • Julia Ormond makes appeal after Harvey Weinstein ‘enablers’ are eyed in lawsuit for ‘failing to protect & silencing her’
    on November 25, 2023 at 1:41 am

    ACTRESS Julia Ormond has appealed for whistleblowers to come forward as she takes on some of Hollywood’s biggest players for allegedly failing to protect her from sex predator Harvey Weinstein. The English-born Emmy-winner, 58, filed a lawsuit last month against Weinstein, his former Miramax company, talent agency CAA and the Walt Disney Company. GettyActress Julia Ormond has urged whistleblowers to come forward as she slammed Hollywood leaders for allegedly not protecting her from disgraced executive Harvey Weinstein[/caption] AFPShe’s embroiled in a lawsuit with Weinstein, a former producer and now-convicted sex offender who was accused by multiple actresses of taking advantage of them[/caption] GettyOrmond’s lawsuit alleges that she was pushed into a 1995 meeting with Weinstein that ended in sexual assault by her former agent Kevin Huvane (pictured)[/caption] GettyThe lawsuit also implicates her other agent Bryan Lourd (pictured above) and Miramax, the Disney-owned company that Weinstein was working for at the time[/caption] She claims she was sexually assaulted by Weinstein in December 1995 while he was signed to Miramax, which was owned by Disney. Ormond claims her high-powered agents at CAA, Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane, pushed her into meeting with Weinstein knowing full well that he was a predator and then discouraged her from going to the authorities after he attacked her. Ormond – the winner of a supporting actress Emmy for her role in HBO film Temple Grandin in 2010 – says that subsequently the agency “lost interest in representing her” and her career suffered dramatically as a result. Current CAA co-chairmen Lourd, 63, and Huvane, 65, are not named as defendants but are frequently mentioned throughout the suit.Ormond’s lawyer Effie Blassberger exclusively told The U.S. Sun: “A very important part of this lawsuit is to hold CAA accountable. “We believe that the sexual assault would have never happened if they had fulfilled their obligations as her fiduciaries and warned her. “She never would have put herself in this environment where she was meeting with him one on one for a business dinner. “Instead they were more concerned about their relationship with this powerful man who was making them money. “Afterwards, when she told them what had happened, they intimidated her into being silent and you see the ramifications of that in terms of her career. “Harvey Weinstein is doing his time but you have these enablers who played a critical role. “We want to encourage other people to come forward. I don’t think that Julia’s experience with CAA and other enablers was unique. “Whether it was Harvey Weinstein or other powerful men in Hollywood, we want people from that time period of the mid-1990s who had these experiences to reach out to us, come forward and tell these stories. “These are still two of the most powerful agents in Hollywood. Let’s get justice and hold them accountable.” Disgraced Weinstein, 71, is currently in prison serving a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault in New York. He was sentenced to a further 16 years in Los Angeles earlier this year and is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. Ormond’s lawsuit was filed in New York during a one-year window for adult victims of historic sex crimes to come forward on cases for which the statute of limitations had already expired. That window closed today. She is suing Weinstein for battery, CAA for negligence and breach of fiduciary duty and Disney and Miramax for negligent supervision and retention of Weinstein. She was represented by CAA until 1999 but her lawsuit says that after Weinstein’s alleged sexual assault she nearly disappeared from the public eye, with the exception of some television movies. Lourd has been chief executive officer of CAA, widely regarded as one of the most influential talent agencies in the world, since 1995. He is probably best known outside of Hollywood as the former partner of late Star Wars star Carrie Fisher, who he had actress daughter Billie Lourd with. Lourd famously left Fisher in 1994 for his current restaurateur husband Bruce Bozzi after realizing he was gay. He personally represents A-list clients of the caliber of Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson. Meanwhile, Huvane has worked with some of the leading names in entertainment, including Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston. The U.S. Sun reached out to representatives for Weinstein, CAA, Miramax, and Disney asking for comment. Wesintein’s lawyer told Variety after the lawsuit was filed last month: “Harvey Weinstein categorically denies the allegations made against him by Julia Ormond and he is prepared to vehemently defend himself. “This is yet another example of a complaint filed against Mr. Weinstein after the passing of decades, and he is confident that the evidence will not support Ms. Ormond’s claims.” CAA described Ormond’s claims as “baseless” and said the agency will “vigorously refute them” in court. A spokeswoman said: “CAA takes all allegations of sexual assault and abuse seriously, and has compassion for Ms. Ormond and the experience she described in her complaint. “However, the claims that Ms. Ormond has levied against the agency are completely without merit.”

  • Fighter jets scrambled as UFO ‘visible with bare eyes’ spotted hovering over airport before VANISHING into thin air
    on November 25, 2023 at 1:10 am

    A UFO was seen hovering over an airport before it mysteriously vanished into thin air leaving fighter jets frantically scrambling around to find it. India’s air force was sent on a wild goose chase after the unidentified flying object was “visible with bare eyes” according to police. The tiny white dot was reportedly thought to be a UFO as two fighter jets tried to hunt it down over an airport in India Crowds gathered to witness the UFO sighting as the airport closed for three hours An emergency alert was sent out by security forces after the chilling sight was reported and the airport was shut down for several hours. The object was very clearly visible at the Imphal’s Bir Tikendrajit International Airport, according to an unnamed official from one of India’s federal police agencies. No evidence of a UFO was found after it was first seen. A post on X by the Indian Air Force (IAF) read: “IAF activated its Air Defence response mechanism based on visual inputs from Imphal airport. “The small object was not seen thereafter.” Indian authorities have kept most details about their investigation onto the mystery sighting a secret. A wild video on social media shows a small white dot visible just above the airport as people look on in disbelief. Rafale fighter jets were sent to investigate the object from the Hashimara airbase in the eastern state of West Bengal. A defence official told ANI: “Soon after information about the UFO near the Imphal airport was received, a Rafale fighter aircraft from a nearby airbase was scrambled to go and search for the UFO.” The fighter jets were well equipped with special sensors as they flew over the suspicious area near the airport. “The UFO was visible with bare eyes moving westwards of the airfield (at the Imphal airport) till 4 pm,” an official from India’s Central Industrial Security Force told PTI. The investigation reportedly took around three hours to be finished. Two flights were diverted from the airport and three other flights were delayed as the IAF halted operations at the airport before letting it start back up again. This comes after footage was released that shows a UFO flying just past a passenger jet in a frightening near-miss 35,000ft in the air. In the YouTube video posted by Ensaladilla, it shows the view from a plane window above the clouds, as a mysterious, black object glides past. A previous video showed a pill-shaped object that appeared as a plane was passing overhead through a wormhole. He explained further in the video’s caption, saying the “strange flashing light” was “moving slowly in the sky, a little slower than the planes flying around. “I could see the random flashing coming from the object for about 10 seconds. Residents in Paradise, California have been left baffled by a darting UFO that was spotted moving through the clouds. The bizarre video from September 2 shows an orb of light illuminating the sky and then darting around the clouds. The UFO appeared and disappeared multiple times as it twirled around and left a trail of light behind it. That light was the second of its kind observed by onlookers that night. The UFO was never found even after the special jets were sent out by the Indian Air Force

  • Huge outdoor shop with over 300 stores suddenly closes branch – but shoppers say they’re ‘very happy’
    on November 25, 2023 at 1:08 am

    THE POPULAR Mountain Warehouse has shut down another one of its stores but will be upgraded. Mountain Warehouse in Swindon designer outlet store closed its doors for the last time earlier this week. AlamyMountain Warehouse announced their new store along with their brand-new collection ‘Animal’[/caption] Signs that are becoming a regularity on UK high streets warned customers of its impending closure telling shoppers ‘everything must go’. The store is known for selling equipment for hiking, camping, skiing, cycling, running and fitness but saw its stock reduce in price in recent months. However, despite the closure Mountain Warehouse is not leaving Swindon. It’s getting an upgrade. Swindon Designer outlet posted on Facebook a couple of days ago that a new Mountain Warehouse will open across from the old store. It will replace Puma, the sportswear shop that also recently relocated to a unit nearby. They wrote: We’re so excited to open the new Mountain Warehouse store, located right across from the old store but much bigger and better! “Now twice the size, you can stock up on all your favourites plus a brand new selection from Animal. “Don’t wait, come and explore the new store today.” Mountain Warehouse has been closing stores across the country as many popular retailers struggle to make it work on the high street. Figures from the British Retail Consortium reveal that 6,000 retail outlets have closed their doors for good in the last five years. The trade association said the closures were partly due to ‘crippling’ business rates and also the impact of Covid lockdowns. This has forced multiple popular brands such as Wilko, Cath Kidston and Paperchase to go into administration. However, the Mountain Warehouse store in Swindon will continue to sell its outdoor equipment in its new and upgraded home. AlamyMountain Warehouse has over 330 stores in the UK, North America, Europe and New Zealand[/caption]

  • ‘World’s biggest’ bike graveyard has mountains of cycles left for scrap – & bizarre reason they’re all the same colour
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:57 am

    THE “world’s biggest” bike graveyard has mountains of cycles left for scrap – and a bizarre reason they’re all the same colour. Hundreds of thousands of bicycles have been dumped in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, as well as other sites across the country – including the second city Shanghai as well as capital Beijing. CatersHundreds of thousands of identikit bikes have been dumped across China[/caption] The huge piles come after the collapse of the country’s once-thriving cycle-sharing industry, after ministers launched a major push to prioritise cars instead. More than 70 different bike-sharing hire businesses are believed to have competed for control only to “over-saturate” demand. And that explains why many of the now-discarded bikes come with identikit designs and colour schemes – with only minor amendments in shade between rival firms. Film-maker Wu Guoyong devoted his time to photographing and filming bike graveyards across the 1.4billion-population nation. His CBC documentary The Gig Is Up included what’s been said to be the largest, in Shenzen in the southern province of Guangdong – as well as those in other major cities. He told how the biggest “graveyards” like this one would have more than 200,000 bikes – compared to 40,000 or 50,000 elsewhere, with 18million reportedly on the streets beforehand. He said: “Over 70 brands were competing for dominance, including many small companies. “Everyone could see the money to be made – all that competition led to market saturation.” Footage showing the vast swathes of abandoned bikes has now been shared on Instagram by the international Bicycle Film Festival. And viewers have been angered by the apparent waste. Peter Eagleton posted: “These bicycles could have been sent to developing nations to help people in basic transportation. A real shame.” Another commenter wrote: “This is just one of hundreds if not thousands of city bike junkyards in China. This situation is ridiculous.” Other responses included: “I don’t understand why they couldn’t donate or sell these bikes to another country that could use them. Irresponsible.” It was also suggested: “When society collapses, this is where I’m going for my bike parts.” And an unimpressed viewer added: “There has to be one cool bike in there somewhere.” Elsewhere, a Nebraska collector has admitted having so many old trucks – some dating back a century – he forgets where they’re kept. Another classic car “graveyard” has recently been discovered in the French countryside, with 50 vehicles left to rot. Vintage motors such as a £44,000 bulletproof Mercedes and 1947 Harley-Davidson were meanwhile found at a California castle. And a field of classic cars was bought having been abandoned for decades – while two iconic sports motors, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini were discovered in a barn. CatersChina’s second city Shanghai has seen many of the bikes discarded in piles[/caption] CatersThe collapse of the country’s cycle-sharing industry has been blamed[/caption] CatersSome 70 different firms have been getting rid of bikes in their company colours[/caption]

  • Watch Muhammad Ali’s MMA star grandson Biaggio score brutal KO to leave opponent face down
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:32 am

    MUHAMMAD ALI’S grandson scored a brutal knockout which left his opponent face down. Amateur MMA prospect Biaggio Ali Walsh faced Joel Lopez on the undercard of the Professional Fighters League 2024 final. Muhammad Ali’ grandson Biaggio knocked out Joel LopezScott Taetsch / PFL KO Replay in slow motion #PFLWorldChampionship LIVE NOW ESPN+— PFL (@PFLMMA) November 25, 2023 And in what could be his last bout before turning pro, the American closed out the show in stunning style. A big looping right hook in the second round dropped Lopez and sparked a follow up in strikes from Biaggio. The referee was rightfully quick to step in and intervene as Biaggio recorded his sixth knockout in as many fights. Prior to the bout in Washington, DC, he hinted that it could be his final as an amateur. And after the fight, 25-year-old Biaggio said: “There’s so much going on in my mind right now. “I’m still an amateur so I’m still getting used to just everything. To get this kind of experience as an amateur is insane. “I’m super blessed and grateful. I don’t know, I’ll sit down with my coach and see what happens. “But I’ll definitely announce soon, so everybody will know.” CASINO SPECIAL – BEST CASINO WELCOME OFFERS The PFL in which Biaggio is signed to is made up of qualification and knockout stages. Stars have two regular season bouts where points are earned per method of victory with the top four in each division progressing. From there it is win-or-go-home, culminating in a series of finale fights where a title belt and $1million prize cheque is on the line. Biaggio went 6-1 in the 2024 final and it could pave the way for the former football prospect to enter the lightweight season next year. Biaggio Ali Walsh celebrating his winScott Taetsch / PFL

  • Doctors discover enormous ‘vagina stone’ lurking in woman’s pelvis that took 3 hours to pull out and destroy with lasers
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:29 am

    DOCTORS were shocked to find an enormous ‘vagina stone’ lurking inside a woman’s pelvis after she rushed into A&E. The woman, 27, was raced into the emergency department after she complained of horror abdominal pain. ScienceDirectDoctors found a massive ‘vagina stone’ in a woman’s pelvis after she came to A&E in pain[/caption] Urology Case ReportsVaginal stones are similar to kidney stones and are often triggered by an untreated bacterial infection (stock)[/caption] The pain was followed by vomiting, and the feeling hot and cold in the days that followed. When the woman was checked over, doctors found a massive vaginal stone the size of an orange. Medics were then forced to undertake a painstaking three-hour procedure with lasers to break the stone down to remove it. Shocking X-rays show the sheer size of the mass, which takes up much of the woman’s pelvic area. Other images show the pieces of the stone after being broken up by experts and pulled from the body with forceps. The journal Urology Case Reports reported the woman was the most recent person to develop such a stone – which happens when stagnant urine builds up in the vagina. The urine then begins to form hardened crystals, which continue to grow. This is often triggered by an untreated bacterial infection, experts say. A more common type of such stone is a kidney stone – which more than one in 10 people usually get in their lives in the UK. Vaginal stones however are extremely rare – with fewer than 100 cases ever reported in medical history. Such stones also tend to be more common in people who are bedbound. The Lebanese woman who suffered the most recent case of a vagina stone had cerebral palsy. She was raced to hospital with the horror symptoms, as well as the fact she was eating less than usual and looked pale and lethargic. When the 27-year-old was checked over and given a CT scan, doctors found a big, round mass in her pelvic area. Doctors at the Lebanese University were then forced to use laser therapy – using ultrasound from outside the woman’s body – to break the mass down. The medics then had to use forceps to remove pieces of the stone bit by bit. Experts believe the woman’s cerebral palsy was one of the reasons she developed the rare stones. They said as cerebral palsy patients who often lie down for long periods and have urinary incontinence are at risk of developing vagina stones. ScienceDirectDoctors break the stone down with laser therapy and then use forceps to remove it[/caption]

  • You don’t need pricey products to transform your garden – here’s 8 ways to get plants for free
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:21 am

    FROM tulip bulbs sold for gazillions in the 1600s to a snowdrop that fetched £1,850 on Ebay last year ­– gardening can cost the earth. An RHS Chelsea Show Garden takes £180,000 to assemble and even turfing your lawn can hit your pocket where it hurts. Olivia WestVeronica Lorraine helps you glow up your garden for free[/caption] But you concrete over your outdoor space  – here at Sun Gardening we have some top tips on how to get everything you need to glow up your garden for free.  DIG FOR VICTORY Councils up and down the country are currently turning your green waste into compost – and are desperate to give it away for nothing. Just google ‘free compost council’ to find your local spot. Check you don’t have to make an appointment to turn up and bring your own spades and bags.  CALL ON THE COMMUNITY Community Gardens and Orchards host open days – where they get rid of surplus plants and give great expert advice for free. Or you can volunteer there and take home all sorts of treasures. Just look on your local websites for more info.  SWAP YOUR SEEDS Local seed swaps take place regularly across the UK – where you exchange packets you never got round to using – or seeds straight from your garden – in return for other people’s.  SEARCH ONLINE Online marketplaces like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and Freecycle are a haven for cheap or free garden products and plants –  you can even bag bigger items like unwanted greenhouses and second hand tools for nothing.  LISTEN AND LEARN Listen to gardening podcasts. Usually hosted by very clever gardening folk, they offer a wealth of advice on getting free plants, how to turn your garden into Eden. Or just how not to kill tomatoes. I like Talking Heads, and Skinny Jeans Gardener.  JOIN THE CLUB Join a local gardening club – you’ll be amazed at the joy you can get from sharing your top tips, learning new tricks and swapping plants. The RHS has a club locator on their site.  SOCIAL MEDIA Garden influencers on social media can be great inspiration – and more and more are tuning into the cost of living crisis with money saving advice and realistic reviews. Most importantly they’re often giving away free stuff in competitions and have loads of top tips. Try @viewfromthepottingbench and @greenfingeredcityboy for starters. ASK AROUND And finally – just ask your local community – via street whatsapp groups, school mum get togethers and local websites – and you’ll unearth a whole gang of garden enthusiasts desperate to get rid of all the plants they grew in their greenhouse and now have absolutely no room for. Happy Planting! HI, I’m Veronica Lorraine, The Sun’s new Gardening Editor. It’s a great honour to carry on the paper’s proud tradition of horticultural coverage. As an RHS-trained professional gardener and journalist with 18 years at The Sun, I know our readers are passionate about tending their outside spaces. So each week I’ll bring you all the news, tips, tutorials, competitions, Q&As and seasonal advice. No matter how or where you garden. Happy Planting! LEAVE IT OUT DID you know all those colourful piles of autumn leaves can be turned into FREE compost with hardly any effort? All you need to do is put them in a damp plastic bag or bin liner, pierce it with a few holes and tie the top loosely – and then leave it hidden away for up to two years. It will breakdown slowly using fungus to create leafmould – which is perfect for seed-sowing compost, soil conditioner or mulch. I’ve found most trees that lost their leaves in autumn will work, as long as they are not evergreen or needles. It might help to shred the bigger leaves such as horse chestnut and sycamore first. Just make sure they are not contaminated with rubbish, so collections from quieter residential streets are better. This week's tip BULB planting time! Although many will have diligently got their daffs in the ground, there is still time for tulips – and suppliers are offering huge discounts. John McLellanCommunity swaps are a great way of getting free plants[/caption] Here’s a treat for you FROM today it’s National Tree Week and you can get a tree FREE! The annual event sees the conservation sector and volunteers get together to plant thousands of saplings. This year is special as it marks the 50th anniversary of The Tree Council, so the charity is asking everyone to participate in an organised event or host their own party. Visit for your free party pack. Or to order your free tree, you should go to Save burgonandball.comThe Burgon and Ball’s bulb planter for is £20.99[/caption] GET those bulbs in the ground with Burgon and Ball’s RHS-endorsed bulb planter for £20.99, or save with B&Q’s, at £5.05. Win .We’re giving away a £699 Landmann Fryton Gas BBQ[/caption] SOME folk cook Christmas dinner on their barbecue – and this beast we’re giving away to a lucky reader even has a built-in air fryer for your spuds! For a chance to win the £699 Landmann Fryton Gas BBQ see (or write to Sun BBQ Comp, PO Box 3190, Colchester, CO2 8GP, including your name, address, age, email or phone number). Entries close Dec 9, 2023. T&Cs apply, 18+, UK only. Learn GettyYellowing leaves and stunted growth indicate under-watering[/caption] Q) MY aspidistra isn’t growing and some leaves have got yellow tips. Can it be revived? Mr Richardson, Hemel Hempstead, Herts A) Yellowing leaves and stunted growth indicate under-watering. Keep it away from direct sunlight and allow the top third to dry between waters. Re-pot in loose, well-draining soil. Apply liquid fertilizer monthly in growing season, reducing in autumn and winter. TREES FOR FREE National Tree Week is the UK’s annual celebration of…you’ve guessed it…where each year the conservation sector, volunteers and anyone interested gets together at the beginning of tree planting season to plant thousands of them all over the country.  And this year’s is extra special as it marks the 50th anniversary of charity The Tree Council – so they’re asking everyone to either participate in an organised event or host your own tree party!!  Visit The Tree Council and download your free party pack. Or visit the Woodland Trust to order your free tree! They’re currently taking orders now for March 2024. 

  • Horoscope today, November 25, 2023: Daily star sign guide from Mystic Meg
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:19 am

    OUR much-loved astrologer Meg sadly died earlier this year but her column will be kept alive by her friend and protégée Maggie Innes. Read on to see what’s written in the stars for you today.  ARIES March 21 to April 20 Your mind is at its sharpest in the morning and you can make some hot life choices. If single, you and “T” both feel the attraction, but neither wants to be first to show it. Yes, there is so much passion potential here, so switch on your famous flirting skills. A valuable discovery can link to an old suitcase. Get all the latest Aries horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions Your horoscope for Saturday  TAURUS April 21 to May 21 As Mars and the sun sizzle, your energy is awesome and working in your own time could be more lucrative than expected. But listen to a partner who could have an important question to ask you. There is a lot to like and to love about a friend’s ex-partner but do consider how complicated relationships could get. Get all the latest Taurus horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions Horoscope traits What does your star sign mean for you? Aries – The best and worst characteristics of the head of the zodiacAquarius – The traits you need to know for the air signCapricorn – What does this star sign mean for your personality?Cancer – The key traits for the sign include a keen love of foodGemini – The traits to be aware of for the sign with a symbol of twinsLeo – The best and worst characteristics of the fire signLibra – What does the seventh star sign mean for your personality?Pisces – The key traits for the sign include an interest in the artsSagittarius – The traits you need to know for the fire signScorpio – What does this star sign mean for your personality?Taurus – The best and worst characteristics of the earth signVirgo – The key traits for the sign include loyalty and kindness GEMINI May 22 to June 21 Venus is full-on romance, so this can be the day that changes your love life. Neither partner may have taken love seriously but your chart suggests you are ready to plan a future where everything is shared. Work you do over the weekend hits the success button when your most go-getting friend also gets involved. Get all the latest Gemini horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions CANCER June 22 to July 22 You have a warm confidence that is effective at home and in matters of the heart. You can walk away from people who play with your emotions. Venus, in the happy-ever-after part of your chart, helps you move towards the kind of home you deserve. A love message that crosses two oceans to reach you means so much. Get all the latest Cancer horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions LEO July 23 to August 23 Brain-boosting Mercury will inspire plans and projects that are more creative than anything you have done, or dreamt of, before. The way you present them can transform tough critics into enthusiastic fans. For romance, if you start the day single, your new love is an influencer on a local and national level. Get all the latest Leo horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions Most read in The Sun ESCAPE FROM HELL 13 Israeli hostages finally FREED 48 days after being kidnapped by Hamas CHEF TRAGEDY BBC star & award-winning restaurant owner dies at 57 after short health battle FINAL MOMENTS Chilling CCTV shows tragic teens in minutes before horror crash CRISPY BUSINESS Walkers say 'we're sorry' as they confirm iconic crisps are discontinued THEY DID WHAT? I'm A Celeb viewers in shock as couple KISS - despite both having partners 'NIGHT OF SHAME' Irish PM slams yobs after cars set on FIRE & cops battered in riots VIRGO August 24 to September 22 Venus inspires you to handle family and finances wisely, and even agree on how and when some surprise surplus cash should be used. Love looks good but resist letting a relationship just tick over. If you start the weekend single and are ready for love that challenges you and makes life exciting, check out “M”. Get all the latest Virgo horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions LIBRA September 23 to October 23 Instead of over-thinking what you should say or adding too much tact, you can get straight to the point with Mars in your communication chart. The plans that matter most can get moving first. Single? Your next romance is a very significant one, so make your choice carefully. The luck factor calls at door number 41. Get all the latest Libra horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions List of 12 star signs The traditional dates used by Mystic Meg for each sign are below. Capricorn: December 22 – January 20 Aquarius: January 21 – February 18 Pisces: February 19 – March 20 Aries: March 21 – April 20 Taurus: April 21 – May 21 Gemini: May 22 – June 21 Cancer:  June 22 – July 22 Leo: July 23 – August 23 Virgo: August 24 – September 22 Libra: September 23 – October 23 Scorpio: October 24 – November 22 Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21 SCORPIO October 24 to November 22 You can do some smart and serious thinking about money, even persuade the people you care about most to accept the financial facts of life. But later, when the mood changes, romance could take over and partners feel lucky to have found each other. If you start the weekend single, this can change in a ticket queue. Get all the latest Scorpio horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions SAGITTARIUS November 23 to December 21 Mercury’s cool chart presence helps you be generous with your time and smart with money. Messing around with the family can reveal a practical skill you all share. On love, Mars, in your personality zone, will give you the boldest chat-up lines. Established partners can walk at the same pace once again. Get all the latest Sagittarius horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions CAPRICORN December 22 to January 20 Trust your emotions when you make decisions. Do not simmer on the sidelines, get involved. Venus stirs up intriguing revelations about who could be falling in love with you. This can lead to a surprise message. Your luck locator is a set of matching luggage. Writing a report on books or music reveals your talent. Get all the latest Capricorn horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions GettyVenus stirs up intriguing revelations about who could be falling in love with you[/caption] AQUARIUS January 21 to February 18 Whether you are planning a special event, or a super-passionate day at home for you and a partner, you are in a mood that gets brilliant results. Single Aquarius may find The One at a food location. Take a fresh look at ambitious plans you have left on hold, then make the first move to see if they could happen. Get all the latest Aquarius horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions PISCES February 19 to March 20 This could turn out to be such a loved-up weekend, although very different from what you expect. A partner may act out of character in ways you adore. Single? You have the cool daring to introduce yourself to a gorgeous Taurus everyone wants to date. The luck factor highlights ideas for reviving an old recipe. Get all the latest Pisces horoscope news including your weekly and monthly predictions

  • Celebrity baubles for your tree are the latest Christmas trend – but can you recognise the stars in our quiz?
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:18 am

    ONCE Christmas meant having a fairy on the tree and a bunch of C-list “stars” on the telly – but now it seems the celebs have spread from the screen to the tree branches too, in the form of baubles. Stores are full of trinkety tributes to pop stars, television characters, actors and even royalty amid the more traditional decorations on sale. But while some are recognisable instantly, others may leave you baffled . . .  and 20 quid worse off. Abby McHale invites you to play Guess The Celebri-tree – answers below. ANSWERS 1. Elton John, £27, Fenwick; 2. Amy Winehouse, £22, Rockett St George; 3. Adele, £22, Rockett St George; 4. Donald Trump, £18, Christmas Loft; 5.Queen Elizabeth, £19, The Christmas Imaginarium; 6.Diana Ross, £18, Christmas Loft; 7. Donatella Versace, £28, Selfridges; 8. Madonna, £19, Christmas Loft; 9.Taylor Swift, £25, Fenwick; 10. Cardi B , £18.25, Christmas Loft; 11.George Michael, £22, Rockett St George.

  • Desperate parents clutch children hooked to IVs on hospital floors as China’s mystery ‘pneumonia’ outbreak worsens
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:17 am

    A MYSTERY pneumonia outbreak sweeping through China continues to get worse as desperate parents are clutching onto their children on hospital floors. Kids are being hooked up to life-saving IVs as Beijing – where the unknown virus has badly hit – continues to downplay the dangers almost a week after issues started. Credit: AFPA mysterious pneumonia outbreak has been sweeping through China affecting thousands of children[/caption] Credit: AFPThe horror outbreak is getting worse as Beijing downplays the potential dangers of another global virus[/caption] The mystery illness has caused panic for parents who have been rushing to hospitals The dangerous illness is taking down children and emptying out schools across China as worrying echos of the Covid outbreak are being reported. Doctors have been left overwhelmed with thousands of calls from worried parents trying to book emergency appointments. Beijing has told the World Health Organisation (WHO) that the increase in cases of people with flu like symptoms is down to a new winter bug that has taken over due to Covid lowering immunity to common viruses. Hospitals are reportedly “overwhelmed with sick children” who have symptoms such as inflammation in the lungs and a high fever but no cough. A similar situation is developing in Liaoning – almost 500 miles from Beijing. Officials have reported an increase in “influenza-like illness” since mid-October when compared to the same period in the last three years, the WHO said. Children are now showing ground glass opacity, also known as “white lung syndrome”, in lung scans – an indicator of severe respiratory illness. Many parents are deeply worried about “white lungs” and many sick children need “lung cleansing”, report Radio Free Asia. But with hospitals warning of long waiting queues, parents are having to wait at least a day just for emergency care. ProMed – a system that monitors global disease outbreaks and was one of the first groups to identify the dangers of Covid – issued a warning on Tuesday. A Beijing citizen ProMed, identified only as Mr W, said: “Many, many are hospitalised. They don’t cough and have no symptoms. “They just have a high temperature and many develop pulmonary nodules.” At Beijing’s Capital Institute of Pediatrics’ Children’s Hospital, crowds of parents and children were seen dressed in winter clothes. A parent said her coughing nine-year-old son was sick with mycoplasma pneumonia – a pathogen that can cause sore throats, fatigue and fever. “There are really a lot of children who have caught it recently,” she said. “Of course that worries me.” Li Meiling, 42, brought her eight-year-old daughter to the hospital, who she said was suffering from the same type of pneumonia. “A lot of children her age are ill with this at the moment,” she added. Dr Hua Shaodong, a paediatrician at the Beijing Children’s Hospital, told China Daily: “There is a steady number of patients developing severe cases, but there are very few critical cases, and there are no related deaths so far. “The average days in hospital for hospitalised patients is around seven to 14 days.” UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) chief executive Professor Dame Jenny Harries said despite China’s official response, they are keeping an ‘open mind’. She said: “The WHO has received an official response from China following its request for detailed information on an increase in respiratory illnesses and reported clusters of pneumonia in children. “We need to keep an open mind about the cause of any increased reporting of clusters of disease including of this illness in Chinese children.’ She added that UKHSA is “closely monitoring the situation” and will keep a close eye on the situation to help keep the UK safe from any potential threat of a global outbreak again. Last year, China was desperately clinging onto its “zero Covid” strategy as officials banned 13 million people from going outside as they faced starvation and brutal punishments. The country was racing to control one of its worst outbreaks in a single city since the beginning of the pandemic with a sweeping lockdown and draconian restrictions. China’s brutal “zero Covid” policy saw extreme restrictions in the infected areas, tight border control and lengthy quarantines as the country prepared for the Winter Olympics in February 2022. The 13 million people living in the northern city of Xian had been banned from leaving their homes – even for essential reasons like buying food – to squash the rising tide of Covid infections. ReutersThe UK is keeping close eyes on the virus to avoid another Covid-style incident[/caption] ReutersParents have been waiting for up to hours outside hospitals[/caption] Credit: AFPChildren are experiencing flu-like symptoms and a high fever but no cough[/caption]

  • I have naturally massive boobs and life’s a struggle, women tell me to ‘put them away’ but where are they supposed to go
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:13 am

    A LARGE-CHESTED woman has shared the comments she often receives. From judgemental women to creepy men, she revealed some of the remarks she has heard about her body. TikTok user Alice shared some of the judgemental comments she receives about her bodyTikTok/ alicejarvis2 In her video, Alice Jarvis (@alicejarvis2) recounted some of the experiences she’s had with body shaming. The TikToker explained to her followers that she has “naturally massive boobs.” She revealed that older women often assume that she has had a breast augmentation. “People spend a fortune to get them that big,” Alice is often told by strangers. She claimed that girls her age are also surprised to find out her cleavage is natural. “Oh my God, are they real? Can we feel them?” Alice said they often ask her. Other women, with smaller busts, ask her “Can you give some to me?” Meanwhile, men either stare at her chest and say nothing or feel the need to compliment her boobs. Some men try to joke about her body, saying she has “beautiful eyes” while looking at her cleavage. Alice revealed that older women also tell her to “put them away” when she wears a lower-cut top. One viewer took to the comments section to share her exasperated response to the order. “I love how people say ‘Put them away,’ like where? Shove them in a bag, shall I?” she joked. “When people tell me to ‘Put them away’ I usually respond with ‘Where? Under my armpits!?’ shared another follower. “The girls that get it, get it. The ones that don’t, don’t,” wrote a third TikTok user. TikTok/ alicejarvis2The TikToker pointed out that she wasn’t able to put her boobs away[/caption]

  • The European city break with perfect bar snack, exceptional architecture and a famous floating farm
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:13 am

    WITH bizarre architecture, eclectic food and some of Europe’s best-kept cultural secrets, Rotterdam has come a long way in the past few decades. The old Dutch port city was demolished by the Nazis in World War Two but has since been resurrected. GettyRotterdam offers stunning architecture, with its Old Harbour a must-see for anyone visiting[/caption] GettyThe city was destroyed during WW2 but has been rebuilt, pictured above the famous Cube Houses[/caption] Now it serves as a trendy destination for culture vultures — crammed full of art and world-class grub. I set up base at the new Motto by Hilton Rotterdam Blaak which ­prides itself on locally influenced design and authentic experiences. The slick hotel, formerly a bank, boasts modern touches. Each room can be accessed by a digital key kept on your smartphone. But the most convenient aspect was its prime location in trendy Meent near the city centre. The hotel is less than a ten- minute walk from the Cube Houses — some of the city’s most standout architecture — and the Old Harbour with the Erasmus Bridge in view. An abundance of outdoor bars overlook the Maas River. Grab some traditional Dutch bitterballen with your drink — these deep-fried croquettes, made from stewed meat and served with mustard, are the perfect bar snack. For dinner we opted for the Hilton’s Pesca, which is more than just your average hotel restaurant. The Theatre of Fish, as it is known, is set up like a market stall where diners buy portions by weight and can try the day’s catch. Your waiter at Pesca will walk you through each offering, how it will be cooked and served, and which wine to pair it with. If fish doesn’t take your fancy then head to the nearby, futuristic-looking Markthal. This giant food hall is packed with vendors selling grub from around the world as well as traditional local fare. Then there’s the vibrant Botanero round the corner, a Latin American bar and restaurant. Expect great cocktails and South American-style dishes with a Rotterdam twist. The Paloma and Margarita stood out on the cocktail menu, while the slow-braised beef tacos were a favourite on the food side. Floating dairy farm When your belly’s full, you can rely on Rotterdam’s fast underground to get you around the city, although if you’re looking to make an exper­­ience of it then the water taxi is ­certainly something to try. You will get to view exceptional architecture as you bob across the water, as well as a chance to stop by the famous Floating Farm. It is the first floating dairy farm in the world, located in the harbour, which produces fresh products from 40 cows who live there. It’s worth dipping your toes into the culture while you are here too and the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen is a top choice. The Depot, as it is known, calls itself the “world’s first publicly accessible art storage facility”. It is essentially a collection of hundreds or artworks, although it refuses to call itself a museum. The building has been designed to look like a large metal sugar bowl and the exterior reflects the city’s skyline — a mirror image of Rotterdam. A trip to Holland would not be complete without a cycle ride and you can rent a bike from the hotel. An art tour on two wheels is a great way to spend an afternoon. Some of the city’s best public artworks can be viewed on a leisurely ride and you will get to see modernist architecture, innovative designs and cool street art. That’s the beauty of this city. It’s a work of art in itself. GO: Rotterdam GETTING THERE: BA flies London to Rotterdam from £60 each way. See STAYING THERE: The Motto by Hilton Rotterdam Blaak has king rooms from £86 per night. See AlamyDepot Boijmans Van Beuningen is an art storage facility which is designed to reflect the city’s skyline[/caption] AlamyThe futuristic-looking Markthal is a foodies dream[/caption] GoogleThe new Motto by Hilton Rotterdam Blaak ­prides itself on locally influenced design and authentic experiences[/caption]

  • Step-by-step guide to getting the full I’m A Celebrity TV show experience on holiday
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:11 am

    FOR Australians, the Gold Coast in southern Queensland is one of the country’s top holiday spots. It is a place of long surf beaches, mansion-lined waterways and blingy restaurants. The Gold Coast in southern Queensland is one of Australia’s top holiday spotsGetty GettyLamington National Park[/caption] But every November, the I’m A Celebrity circus rolls into town. Ant and Dec’s jungle juggernaut is based on the Gold Coast. This sunshine strip features heavily in the challenges, post-eviction interviews and glamorous scene-setting. If you fancy a piece of the action, a holiday on the Gold Coast gives a glimpse of what the campmates experience. Eating awful parts of a kangaroo, however, is strictly optional. THE JUNGLE THE I’m A Celeb camp is just over the New South Wales border, near the little hamlet of Dungay. Alas, you can’t visit. But you can get a taste of the jungle in the neighbouring Springbrook National Park. A winding mountain drive down Springbrook Road brings you to a series of rainforest walking trails. Some are tougher than others, but the top spot is at the end of the road. It is a 250-metre walk through ferns and towering mountain ash trees from the Goomoolahra Picnic Area to the lookout. Once there, you are at the top of a 60-metre waterfall. The view, however, takes in a rumpled green canyon, the ocean, and the Gold Coast skyscrapers. See THE TRIALS PARADISE Jet Boating’s 55-minute high speed tour of the Gold Coast waterways has plenty of thrills. The boat bounces along the water, the breeze rushes through the hair and the turns kick up an almighty spray. When a jetboat goes into a spin, you need to hold on. Sit at the back, and you are going to get very wet. Sit at the front, and you are going to feel some significant G-forces. But the 22-mile ride also builds in some sightseeing. Get lucky, and you will see wallabies on South Stradbroke Island or dolphins near the Gold Coast Seaway. Tours cost AU$46 (£24). See For alternative tests of nerve, hit the Gold Coast’s theme parks. Warner Bros Movie World is home to the DC Rivals Hypercoaster — the longest, tallest and fastest ride in the southern hemisphere. The initial 60-metre, near-vertical drop is a proper stomach-churner. Movie World day tickets cost from $105 (£55). See ITVAnt and Dec in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity[/caption] THE CRITTERS IF you want to see as many Australian animals as possible, then the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect spot. It brings together bilbies, wombats, Tasmanian devils and rainbow lorikeets — as well as some less-cute native critters. Crocodiles, pythons and cane toads also reside in the sanctuary. For many, the highlight is walking through the kangaroo paddock, hand-feeding the ’roos. But it is hard to top the koala photo experience. Currumbin is one of the few places in the country where visitors are allowed to hold one of the marsupials. They cling on to you as if you are a tree — and perhaps have a nibble at your shirt pockets. Tickets cost from $46 (£24). See THE LIVE SHOW AUSTRALIAN Outback Spectacular in Oxenford thrills audiences with a combination of storytelling, songs and stunts. This massive production takes place in a 1,000-seater arena, but it is no ordinary theatre show. Here, live horses, cattle and a hilariously naughty dog are all part of the cast. The horse riders perform death-defying tricks, a helicopter flies under the arena roof and actors are lifted up to do acrobatics high in the air. Three-course meals are served as a tale of farmers struggling with drought conditions plays out. But the plot doesn’t really matter — it is all about the spectacle. Tickets cost from $110 (£58). See Meet koalas in Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary THE CAMP AFTER they are evicted from the jungle camp, the celebrities get to stay somewhere considerably nicer. In 2022, that was the £236-a-night JW Marriott Resort and Spa ( Inside, it is all calming 5H plushness, but the real appeal is outside. Here, a massive saltwater lagoon pool is fed by a series of man-made waterfalls as hundreds of tropical fish swim around you. For something more affordable, there are hundreds of apartment hotels. The Solnamara Apartments ( in Burleigh Heads overlook arguably the best beach on the Gold Coast. Sleek family-friendly two-bedroom apartments, with magical ocean views, are from £156 per night. GET ME OUT OF HERE RETURN flights from London to nearby Brisbane cost from £1,279 with Qatar Airways ( From Brisbane Airport, it’s about an hour’s drive to the Gold Coast. For more information, see and GO: Australia GETTING THERE: Qantas flies from Heathrow to Brisbane, an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast, from £1,336 return. STAYING THERE: Rooms at the 4H Mercure Gold Coast Resort cost from $206 (about £108) per night on a room-only basis. See A horse gallops at the Oxenford Outback Spectacular live show Take a Jet Boating tour of the Gold Coast

  • My bucket list Lapland holiday – with glass-domed Northern Lights huts, Elf School and husky safaris
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:09 am

    THERE aren’t many places that offer a more magical night’s stay than a glass pyramid positioned just above the Arctic Circle. Topped off with a motorised bed and panoramic roof that ensured we were in the perfect position for the ultimate view of the mystical polar skies, this was sure to be a trip to remember. GettyLapland is a polar paradise for the whole family[/caption] SuppliedGaze at the elegant Northern Lights flickering overhead[/caption] When compiling a bucket list for my 40th birthday, Lapland with the family was top of the agenda and The Aurora Pyramids, really is something magical. The hotel, in the Tonttula Village in Kongas, is only a ten-minute drive from the centre of Levi and 20 minutes from Kittila airport, yet it feels like we’re in the middle of Narnia. Unfortunately the Northern lights can be elusive and we sadly didn’t get to witness this natural phenomenon during our stay, but on a clear night away from the main town there is no better place to watch the lights dancing in the sky. The only thing to disturb the peace and quiet which surrounded us were the excited squeals coming from my kids (aged eight and four) who knew an “Elves Hideway” lay down the snowy path. It’s one of the big attractions at Tonttula Village and is an absolute must for anyone visiting with little ones. Here we made Christmas decorations at Elf school, baked the most delicious gingerbread biscuits and listened to folk tales from the Wise Elf while crafting paper snowflakes. And that’s before we got stuck into the outdoor activities like petting Santa’s reindeers, tobogganing and snow tubing, plus there are private meetings with Father Christmas in his enchanting wood cabin. It doesn’t have to be all festive overload, though, and with so much to see and do in Finland we’d opted for a twin centre holiday so we could spend the second half of our trip soaking up the slopes in Levi. This charming spot is so compact it has everything you’d need within walking distance, including delicious restaurants, a supermarket, pharmacy and places to purchase or rent winter clothing — important if you want to save on baggage allowance. We’d hired our snow gear from Winterent, in the centre of Levi, which allowed us to pre-order our sizes in advance so that the clothing could be delivered to our accommodation ahead of our arrival. After chucking on our winter coats, we were eager to explore. If you’re a guest at Hotel Panorama, that’s made even easier with free scenic gondola rides that will take you to the centre within minutes — a much more appealing mode of transport than climbing down the 766 slippery steps. In fact, there are plenty better modes of transport in these parts than walking, especially when sleds and all manner of winter equipment can be hired from the Zero Point store. Sledding is a speedier way to get from the top to the bottom. The kids spent hours whizzing down snow-covered slopes, then warming themselves up with s’mores and sausages from the Campfire Barista stall. Make sure to try a Glogi while you’re here too. It’s a Finnish mulled wine which is the perfect winter warmer for parents. For a more traditional Finnish meal, Hotel Panorama has an excellent a la carte menu serving authentic dishes like arctic char and sauteed reindeer. Winter warmer  When you fancy a break from the snow, take a look around Samiland, a UNESCO exhibition exploring the indigenous people of the North. It was fascinating learning about Sami history and cultural traditions. My personal highlight of Levi, though, was something a little more thrilling . . .  racing through the forest and across a frozen lake on a husky safari. There are several tours which vary in length, some allowing you to take control and steer, but we left it to the professional musher (our ride costs from €110pp or €340 per family of four at Whizzing along the icy ground, we all marvelled at the excitable dogs as they pulled us through white landscapes and past snow-drenched trees. I can honestly say, bucket-list birthdays don’t get much better than this. SuppliedThe Aurora Pyramids has rooms from €587 (around £511) per night, based on two sharing[/caption] Meet Father Christmas in his enchanting wood cabin SuppliedHotel Levi Panorama has rooms from €85 (around £74) per night[/caption] GO: Lapland, Finland GETTING THERE: Finnair flies directly from Heathrow, Manchester and Edinburgh to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Kittilä. Return fares from London to Kittilä start from £236. See STAYING THERE: Hotel Levi Panorama has rooms from €85 (around £74) per night. See The Aurora Pyramids has rooms from €587 (around £511) per night, based on two sharing. See For more info, see

  • Body Count review: It’s hard to guess what will happen next in this fast-paced and twisty page-turner
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:09 am

    BODY COUNT SM Thomas, £8.99 ★★★★☆ Body Count is fast-paced, twisty and dark LIFE is hard since humans destroyed the planet and moved to Earth Two – and it is only going to get tougher for Paige Hanson. The President is dying and the powers that be reckon she is the only one who can save his life. She intends to make sure he doesn’t survive. As the doctor surrounds herself with trusted people, it becomes apparent the odds have never been higher, and it’s survival of the fittest again. Fast-paced, twisty and dark. It is hard to guess what will happens next. THE SIXTH LIE Sarah Ward, £9.99 ★★★★★ The Sixth Lie by Sarah Ward is an absorbing thriller LITTLE Huw Jones vanished from his bed- room on New Year’s Eve in 2011 while his dad and five pals partied downstairs. Years later, Huw’s mum is found dead. Police consultant Mallory Dawson has the job of unpicking the lies that were told on the night the boy went missing. But with so much at stake, someone is determined the truth won’t be discovered. And Mallory could find herself in the firing line again. An absorbing thriller that plays upon a parent’s worst fear. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Christopher Lloyd, £20 ★★★★★ Absolutely Everything! is a perfect gift for any fact-loving youngster READING all about true events helps kids develop critical thinking and analytical skills. This beautifully presented and informative book is a perfect gift for any fact-loving youngster. They will learn about the big bang, life of dinosaurs, how humans came to rule the world, why war happens and the importance technology plays in all of our lives. Brilliantly written and full of cool photos and pictures, this updated guide is a treat of a read. REBELLION Simon Scarrow, £22 ★★★★☆ Rebellion by Simon Scarrow is an epic mix of sword, sweat and savagery ROMAN soldiers march again in this 22nd Eagles Of The Empire saga. Rebellion rages as the warrior queen Boudicca threatens Roman cities. Prefect Cato leads his men in the army of Governor Suetonius on a desperate march to save them. He worries for his friend, centurion Macro, who vanished in the bloodbath at Camulodunum (Colchester). Here, Roman discipline clashes with ferocious hordes in Scarrow’s epic mix of sword, sweat and savagery. Bill Todd

  • ‘The best’ mould-banishing gadget EVER has shoppers losing their minds as they discover its cheapest price yet
    on November 25, 2023 at 12:06 am

    A DEVICE that absorbs moisture and odours to prevent the build-up of mould and musty smells has got many shoppers excited. The Unibond Aero 360 is said to ‘help create a comfortable indoor climate’ and is on sale at Screwfix for just £9.79. ScrewfixThe device is said to absorb moisture and neutralise odour with 360° air circulation[/caption] It is advertised to last ‘3 months’ and is suitable for ‘Rooms up to 20m²’. The device doesn’t need to be plugged in and is completely silent while it absorbs the moisture in the air. It is also supplied with a tablet. Screwfix is currently the retailer selling the Unibond Aero for less than £10. However, it is Black Friday today – and this sale might not go on for much longer. Even with Black Friday in full effect places such as Tesco and Amazon are nowhere near the price of Screwfix – with Tesco charging a whopping £16. Reviews left by customers have been positive with many leaving 5-star reviews on Screwfix’s online page. One customer wrote: “Bought 3 of these recently. Would highly recommend. “I’ve put 2 in my conservatory and 1 in the kitchen. Amazing how much water it has collected in 1 day.” Another said: “I use this in our spare room, where we dry our clothes on a heated airer. “Before we got this, we would have run marks on the wall from the condensation, since getting this, we no longer have the run marks. “Very, very happy with this simple, but effective product.” One customer explained how they wanted to replace their old device but found the prices at other retailers expensive. They wrote: “I bought this item to replace our old one we had, look all over for one but some places were a lot dearer than Screwfix.” “Great service,” they added. A customer who used the device for his cellar wrote: “I bought this for a damp cellar and once set up, which was easy (though you do need to be careful touching the refill, wash hands after) it quickly got to work collecting the excess moisture. “Smells nice, does what it says, a great product that’s affordable and very nice quality. “Well worth the money.” Not every customer was a fan of the affordable Unibond Aero 360. An unhappy customer said: “I purchased four of these, one for my car and three for the house, to deal with condensation. “This morning the windows were covered in condensation and the Unibonds had virtually no liquid in the tray. “Absolutely useless,” they added, leaving a 1-star review. While another shopper wrote: “This works OK to absorb some condensation but I still found wet wall around the window where I kept this product. “I need to invest in a dehumidifier I guess.” Another way to prevent mould from entering your house could only cost you £1 according to a cleaning expert. And, here are four steps that will get rid of that mould in your house for good.

ब्रेकिंग न्यूज, खेल, टीवी, रेडियो और भी बहुत कुछ। आईओबी न्यूज नेटवर्क इंटरनेशनल से लेकर नेशनल न्यूज, पॉलिटिकल से सोशल, डिफेंस से करंट अफेयर्स, टेक्निकल न्यूज से एंटरटेनमेंट न्यूज तक, हर न्यूज कवरेज निष्पक्ष, बौद्धिक रूप से विश्लेषित, भरोसेमंद और विश्वसनीय है। आईओबी न्यूज नेटवर्क सूचित करता है, शिक्षित करता है और मनोरंजन करता है - आप जहां भी हों, आपकी उम्र चाहे जो भी हो।