June 17, 2024

Turner, Tina

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Tributes began pouring in yesterday (May 24) after news of her death shocked the world. Some of the people most affected by her passing were the residents of Küsnacht, the lakeside town near Zurich where Turner lived since 1998. The New York Times spoke to locals today (May 25) who were at the gates of her estate leaving flowers, candles, and notes memorializing the singer who was “simply the best.”

“[I’m] devastated,” one man named Kosta admitted. “She’s been a part of my life for over 35 years now. She was a good neighbor. She showed up in town. She was very well liked.”

“I live nearby; I work at the Dolder [hotel],” another named Vincent recounted. “Once in a while, she came to visit. So for me, she has a special place in my heart. She’s just a great, beautiful person.”

“Five years ago, I was with my little child and I saw the Rolls-Royce and I told him, ‘Hey, this seems to be the car of Tina Turner.’ And then she opened the window, and said, ‘Hi!’ and smiled,” a woman named Evelyne gushed. “I was so happy. I was shouting for happiness. And now she passed away. It’s really sad.”

Check out the touching video below.

Turner reflected on her departure from the U.S. in a 1997 interview with Larry King. When asked about her success in her native country versus Europe, she remarked she was “Not as big as Madonna” in the States. “I’m as big as Madonna in Europe,” she smiled. “I’m as big as, in some places, the Rolling Stones.”

Watch the famous interview below.